Luigi Moccia, a Lamborghini Legend

Added on Dec 22, 2020

Squadra Corse


During the 24 Hrs of Spa 2020, we wanted to celebrate a Lamborghini legend, Luigi "Gino" Moccia. Gino developed the Lamborghini Diablo as test driver and now is in charge to approve every Lamborghini race car that leaves the factory. Occasionally, he also finds the time to compete. If you are a Lamborghini lover, you need to know him.


ChannelLamborghini Squadra Corse
ProgramSquadra Corse
Episode titleLuigi Moccia, a Lamborghini Legend
Episode number1
Date addedDecember 22, 2020
Original dateDecember 9, 2020
Run time1:43
CategoryRacing coverage

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